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If you're visiting Shiloh Church UCC for the first time, the following tips may be helpful if you're unfamiliar with our church. Feel free also to ask questions of any church member (look for the people with the name tags)- we'd love to help you feel welcome!

Where should I park? When you arrive, you can park in the areas around the point (unless they're blocked off for an event) or in the lot on the Macy Street side.

Which door should I use to enter? Our doors are numbered, and Doors 1, 2, or 4 can be used for Sunday services. Door 1 is the Macy Street entrance, which is our accessible entrance. This door is also used most often for special events. Door 2 is the circle drive entrance. Door 3 is the office door. Door 4 is the garden entrance.

Where do go I once I enter? If you use Door 2, you'll enter into the narthex, right next to the sanctuary. If you come in through Door 1, go to the right and then left, past the coat closet, the gallery (mailbox area), and into the narthex. Door 4 will bring you into the gallery area- bear left after you enter to reach the narthex.

Where are the bathrooms? There are bathrooms along the hallway that has the coat closet. This hallway is to the right of Door 1. It is behind the gallery, which is behind the narthex (gathering area).

While I'm there, where can I find information about the church? There is a Welcome Table in the narthex where you can find information about our church.

Is the building accessible? The main floor of the building is accessible, and Door 1 (Macy Street) is our accessible entrance. Some additional areas are accessible via lifts.

How long does church last? Our Godspeak service starts at 9:00 am and generally lasts 40-45 minutes. Our blended worship starts at 10:40 am and generally lasts about an hour. It may be slightly longer when there is a special service occurring, such as our Black History celebration.

What should I wear for church services? Come as you are! You are welcome to wear what is comfortable for you.

Do you offer special services for children? During our blended worship, early in the service, Pastor Jay will typically call for any children present to come up for a chat. After that, our Children's Church helpers will take the children into our Children's Education wing for some special activities. We also do occasionally offer special breakfasts and other events for children, such as our Breakfast with the Bunny and Breakfast with Santa. (Adults are welcome too!)

Will I be singled out as a visitor? While we always try to take note of visitors so we can individually welcome you, we do not as a habit call out visitors during our service. But we hope you'll introduce yourself to those around you!

May I take Communion? When Communion is offered, the gifts are open to all who wish to receive them. The Lord’s Supper is served at Christ’s table, and thus all who seek communion with Christ are invited to participate.

I've heard Pastor Jay refer to "the green table." What is that? The green table is just the main table (often covered in a green tablecloth) in the narthex. There, you can find bulletins, sign-up sheets, flyers for events, and more!

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