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Coming up! Let’s get rid of the Winter blues and join us for the third Getting to Know YOU, Shiloh event, coming back to Omega Hall, Saturday, February 11, 2-4 p.m. This gathering of your fellow Shiloh members and friends is easy and fun! We provide the snacks and soft drinks, you provide the conversation. You will be randomly assigned a table with a small group – who you may or may not know. Then you and the others will answer three questions designed to bring out a little bit about yourself. Nothing hard or embarrassing unless, oops, you decide to share more than expected! Then we’ll switch it up and do it again with a different group and different questions. Over two hours, you will be fascinated what you learn about others and guess what? You may just make a new friend for life! Sign up now on the Green Table or talk to anyone on the Growth Committee. Thank you! Shiloh Growth Committee (Dawn McMillen, Kathy Penfield, Terry Ogletree, Kimbal Ragan, Lin Rhoads, Karyn Sleppy, Roger Smith)

COMING SOON! Shiloh Shakers will begin with a Games Night on Sun., February 26! See more in the February Connection. Thanks for completing our survey!

Unwanted Christmas Décor – Do you have Christmas decorations that you are no longer using? If so, would you please consider bringing them to the church now? We would like to have a Christmas booth at our 2023 Holiday Bazaar and now is a perfect time to collect it. Please place donations in Omega Hall, just inside the door to the right. We will look for the donations and sort through them for storage. Questions, please contact Dawn McMillen

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, and Shiloh is once again collecting funds to restock the FISH Food Pantry and Shiloh’s own Food Pantry after the holidays. Please mark Souper Bowl Food Donations on your contributions and place them in the offering plate. February 12 we will celebrate a “Souper Bowl” day by announcing the total to be donated. A super thanks to you!

Mission Committee is collecting toilet tissue during the month of February for the Agape Church, as done in the past. The next collection time will be August. Thank you all for your continued support in this endeavor.

Join us for the Love Breakfast on Sunday, February 12 at 9:45 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

Join us for a light breakfast, games & craft in Omega Hall. All are welcome!

Trunk of Treats 2022

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