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Shiloh Tornado Resource Center Weekly Update

July 14, 2019

This Week’s News

We have continued with our Welcome Home Kit program with donations coming in from members of the Shiloh congregation, from other congregations, and from the community.  We had given out 45 kits since the beginning of the month with an additional 22 kits this week. One of the issues that we have is that many of our qualified families who need kits will not be established in their new housing prior to August 1st.  To assist with making room for incoming kits and to assure that we help as many families as we can, we are partnering with St. Vincent de Paul to store and distribute Welcome Home Kits.

We are working hard to develop other partnerships in the community to assure we are able to address ongoing needs of those affected.  We have welcomed the Team No Tears (TNT) Ministry to our gazebo. They are a grassroots ministry providing hot meals 6 days per week from 12 pm until 7 pm (or when the food runs out).  They are serving 40-60 meals per day at the gazebo and delivering food into the community. We expect they will be in our gazebo for several months. We have also partnered with ABLE Law Clinic to provide legal services at out church from 9 am - 2 pm on Saturdays.  Let us be sure to thank these groups for their efforts!

Our pantry remained open on Monday and Wednesday.  We had our second Tornado Talk session Wednesday at 3:30.  We had 4 tornado survivors who were joined by Sarah and members of the congregation for this weekly support group.  We hope to see this continue to provide a place for people to be able to BREATHE as they face their on-going recovery dilemmas.  

After several weeks of creating processes and procedures, our Shiloh Tornado Assistance for Families (STAFF) program is in full swing.  This week, 10 assessments were completed or planned. The team was able to provide referrals to services and assist with short-term housing as well as provide food, clothing, and other needed items.  

We continue to work on obtaining funding for our programs.  We have made connections and are working on sponsorships as well as establishing ways to receive immediate funding through Facebook donations.  Accounts are established for our programs and processes are in place to assure that money is tracked and all activity is transparent. Rest assured, 100% of money taken into Shiloh for our tornado recovery programs will go to the people we are serving.  To date, we have collected approximately $9000 for our Tornado Recovery Programs. Way to go Shiloh!

Next Week’s Needs and Events

We expect that there will be news coverage of our programs on Fox 45 on Sunday, July 14.  Watch on your TV, or check out the links that will be on our Facebook pages.

Sarah Moore will be gone from Tuesday until Friday this week.  The STAFF assessment team will continue with assessments while she is away.  As we get clients through assessments, we will need volunteers to act as a “buddy.”  Our hope is that each client can have a buddy who can reach out by phone periodically to check on a client’s progress through their plan and assess what needs are not being met.  Ideal candidates for these volunteer positions will be able to access Facebook and Google Forms, however anyone with phone skills and willingness to connect with a client by phone on a regular basis could participate.  Contact Sarah Moore or complete a database form (found on green table) and indicate a desire to be a buddy to get involved. 

As always, we need volunteers for the Resource Center.  The pantry will be open Monday from 11 am - 2 pm. The pantry will NOT be opened on Wednesday.  We will need volunteers on Wednesday 3:30 - 5 pm for Tornado Talk, which will be lead by Donna Moore while Sarah is away.  

The TNT Ministry can use volunteers to help cook food and deliver food.  They also are accepting donations of grocery cards and food (especially meat).  You may stop by and see them in the gazebo or contact Sarah to get involved. 

We need people to help in attaining sponsors and auction items for our Annual Golf Outing.  The proceeds this year will be used to help those affected by the tornado around the holidays.  Sign up to be a sponsor or attend the event on the green table. Contact the church office if you would like to help with organizing the event.  

For those who are on Facebook, be sure to check out the Shiloh Tornado Resource Page often.  We will be profiling individuals who have particular needs that are not covered by our available programs.  You can choose to fund these needs directly in a transparent way by donating through Facebook. We also will continue to direct any Facebook donations or Paypal donations from to the STAFF program.  If you would like to donate funds with your usual offering, be sure to designate the STAFF program on your check or envelope.  

The pantry continues to need canned items for distribution.  Most needed items this week include canned meats, cleaning supplies especially the mold remover product Concrobium, personal care items, socks and underwear.  Large items like furniture and major appliances are being accepted at the Cricket Wireless Warehouse in Huber Heights.  

The Welcome Home Kit program collection has been extended through August 6.  We now are most in need of twin bedroom kits and bathroom kits. Donations will be accepted throughout the week at the church office during regular office hours.  

You can help by recruiting more help!  Be sure to let people know about the great need that exists and will continue to exist for a long time.  Share posts on your Facebook page. You can start a donation on your page directed to our program. Do you know somebody who has access to merchandise or services that can help the families we serve?  Educate and ask for assistance!

We also continue to work on our database of volunteers.  If you would like to help in any capacity, please complete a database form (on the green table) so that we know who we can recruit for volunteer opportunities when then arise during the week. 

Sarah Moore is planning to join us at the Fellowship luncheon on July 21, 2019.  She is most interested in your ideas, so please come prepared to share! We are also interested in forming a “Tornado Team.”  A meeting date and time will be announced at the luncheon.  

There is more in the works, including possible construction projections in conjunction with the Living City Project and Rebuilding Together Dayton as well as other potentially very entertaining events, so stay tuned for details to come!  

Contact Information

Facebook - @TornadoResourceDayton