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Shiloh Tornado Resource Center Weekly Update

August 25, 2019


This Week’s News

The Shiloh Tornado Resource Center and Shiloh Tornado Assistance for Families (STAFF) thanks you for your support. We provide information about the programs available for tornado recovery, help guide people through the process, and provide support with food, household items, gift cards, gas cards, bus cards and temporary housing in hotels when appropriate. We continue to be challenged by the complexity of the clients we are supporting and the shortage in available affordable housing.

We had a major success in securing an apartment for an elderly client with dementia this week. She is one of the first clients into our program, and she required 15 hours plus per week in assistance from the STAFF team. We were successful in raising $500 in 24 hours in a Facebook fundraising campaign, and this money will be used to cover her hotel stay until her apartment is ready for her to occupy. Household kits have been assigned to her, so she will be set to embark on her new life in just a few weeks. This is GREAT news!!!

The Shiloh Tornado Assistance for Families (STAFF) program continues to work with established clients, and they are working on accepting more clients from an ever-growing list of applicants who need assistance. Our program is unique in the Dayton area in that we work with individuals and families who for various reasons are needing special help in accessing the programs and services available in the community that are necessary to get back into a safe home and stable life. We offer guidance through the process and support that is needed until other options are available. This has proven to be extremely labor intensive work with many work hours required to assist our clients with day-to-day needs. At this time, we have 20 established clients, and we expect to complete assessments and start guidance on recovery plans for 4-5 more clients in the next week. An example of a Recovery Plan is available on the Green Table.

The STAFF team welcomes any questions you may have about this intensive process. We continue to seek individuals with experience in social work, disaster recovery, and mental health to be part of the team. This week, we welcomed Yvonne Hageman Curington and Gail Wells to the Assessment Team. Beverly Warren is now a Buddy for one of our clients.

As part of our series of introducing you to the STAFF team, we introduce you to MSgt Melissa Rodriguez, a founding member of the STAFF team who is retired from the Air Force after 24 years of active duty. She is in charge of answering initial calls from the Hotline number, and she is actively involved in completing assessments and managing clients in their recovery plans. A native of Azusa, California, she completed basic training at Lackland and went to Sheppard AFB for further training. Her first duty station was Castle AFB in California. She served overseas in Korea, Germany, South America, Iraq and Oman. She also expanded outside her career field working in Medical readiness, Logistics, First Sergeant, Patient Safety, CPR instruction and Process Improvement (AFSO21) facilitation. MSgt Rodriguez deployed in 2002 to Masirah Island Oman with 321st Expeditionary Medical Squadron and in 2004 to Kirkuk, Iraq with 506th Expeditionary Medical Squadron. Her final deployment was in 2007 to Landstuhl, Germany to the 435th Medical Squadron where she was attached to the Army as primary Patient Liaison for Air Force wounded warriors flown into Landstuhl Medical Center from multiple deployed locations. She received numerous monthly and annual awards including the Air Force Dental Airman of the Year and NCOA Distinguished Graduate Award. She was involved in various military organizations including NCO TOP 3 executive member. Her military decorations and ribbons include Meritorious Service Medal, Air Force Achievement Medal, Meritorious Unit Award, and many others. MSgt Rodriguez retired at Wright-Patterson AFB. She is active in local veteran organizations, activism and politics. Her issues of interest include Veteran Affairs, LGBTQ, healthcare and immigration. Currently, she devotes her time volunteering with organizations working on social justice issues. We are most grateful that she has chosen to continue her service with us!

Active collection of our Welcome Home Kits ended August 6, but we continue to accept donations of household goods and food. This week, Sarah Moore and Jo Anne Orihood were able to organize our inventory in the pantry and a truck-load of kits was taken to St. Vincent de Paul for distribution. The pantry was available by appointment only this week. We continue to seek volunteers who are willing to commit to being a daily pantry manager so that we can have the pantry open for clients to obtain supplies more readily.

We did not have Tornado Talk this week. The open supportive discussion for tornado survivor and support people will return in September. We are considering a time in the evening during the week to allow for more participation in this program.

We continue to work on obtaining funding for our programs. Upcoming events include The Salata Family fundraising event at their home on September 1 from 2 pm - 9 pm. The money collected at the event will be matched, and $10 will be donated for each person who takes a picture in the bounce house and posts it to the Facebook page. Proceeds will go to the Golf Outing Fund to support families affected by the Memorial Day tornadoes at Christmas. The Mini-Golf Outing on September 28 will also support the Golf Outing fund. We are also working in partnership with the Junior League of Dayton on a car wash event at Shiloh on September 7, 2019 from 11 am - 2 pm to raise funds to support tornado survivors. We are honored to be receiving a $5000 grant from SONKA to support the STAFF program.

Next Weeks’ Needs 

The pantry continues to need items for distribution, especially FOOD. The most needed items this week include ready to eat meals that do not need refrigeration and can be easily microwaved. Hormel Compleats meals (the mac and cheese is a particular favorite) are perfect for this, but other brands and similar products would be great. We also are running low on canned proteins; tuna, chicken, ham, and spam are in low supply. Snack items like crackers and nuts are also needed. We also can use canned fruits and vegetables. More food received directly to the pantry allows more time and money to work for other needs of our clients. While it may appear that the pantry is full, the need for food never goes away. Please, donate food items as you are able! If you would be interested in being a daily pantry manager, please sign up on the white board or contact Sarah.

Air conditioners are desperately needed, especially for those with health conditions that require temperature regulation. Please consider donating a window or floor air conditioner unit. Donations will be accepted throughout the week at the church office during regular office hours now that the pantry is not open.

We also foresee the need for Queen Bedding Bedroom kits after September 1 as we have people moving into housing then.

We are seeking volunteers for the Car Wash even on September 7, 2019. We would like volunteers to arrive at 10 am. Jobs at the event include cashiers, street sign holders, as well as car washers. Sign-up sheet is on the white board in the Narthex or contact Sarah Moore to participate

We need your VOICE!! Please help in getting the message of the STEPS that need to be followed to get all the help available for tornado recovery. FEMA APPLICATION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 3, 2019. Take some flyers and pass them out. Put the message on your Facebook page. Talk to people about this so that they will talk to others. We want as many people as possible to get as much help as possible!

Transportation is an issue for many affected by the tornadoes, whether because they lost their car in the tornado or because there is not enough money left over for gas. As we get clients through assessments, we need volunteers to help with transportation to appointments, to stores, and to look for housing. Contact Sarah Moore or complete a database form (found on green table) and indicate a desire to help with transportation to get involved. You can also help with a generous donation of gas cards or RTA bus passes (weekly and monthly passes are most helpful).

If you know of someone or you yourself have special experience in social work, disaster recovery, or counseling and would like to be part of the STAFF Assessment team, please contact Sarah. We need more experienced people to get involved in order to continue the good work of STAFF.

The TNT Ministry can use volunteers to help cook food and deliver food. They also are accepting donations of grocery cards and food (especially meat). You may stop by and see Neah Rainey in the gazebo during the week from 12 pm - 7 pm or contact Sarah to get involved.

For those who are on Facebook, be sure to check out the Shiloh Tornado Resource Page often. We will continue to profile specific needs of our clients that are not covered by other means. You can choose to fund these needs directly in a transparent way by donating through Facebook. We also will continue to direct any Facebook donations or Paypal donations from to the STAFF program. If you would like to donate funds with your usual offering, be sure to designate the STAFF program or specific cause on your check or envelope.

You can help by recruiting more help! Be sure to let people know about the great need that exists and will continue to exist for a long time. Share posts on your Facebook page. You can start a donation on your page directed to our program. Do you know somebody who has access to merchandise or services that can help the families we serve? Educate and ask for assistance!

We also continue to work on our database of volunteers. If you would like to help in any capacity, please complete a database form (on the green table) so that we know who we can recruit for volunteer opportunities when then arise during the week.

Don’t forget to look at the White Board when you are at church for sign-up sheets and updates about what is needed. .

Finally, we are planning for a Rebuilding Dayton Tornado Relief project in place of our usual ASP Adult Mission Trip. The dates of the project are September 19, 20, and 21. While we especially need people with construction skills, anyone can participate. If you know someone who has construction skills and is looking for a volunteer opportunity, please invite this person to get involved. Please sign up on the Green Table or contact the church office to join the project. We need YOU to get the job done!

Contact Information 

Sarah Moore - Director - 941-586-1702 

STAFF Referral Line - 937-476-1682 

Shiloh Church Office - 937-277-8953 

Website - 

Facebook - @TornadoResourceDayton 

Any questions about the Weekly Update - Lisa Salata - 614-638-1980



The Weekly News will return on 9/8/2019.  Have a happy and safe Labor Day!